Bee Vision Pastel Bee cups 5pc-Porcelain for Thirsty Pollinators

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Bees need water...We can help!

Bee cups are handmade porcelain cups for your garden that collect a teaspoon of water for thirsty pollinators and prevents them from drowning.

Bee Cups have a spike and you can place it right into your garden or in a flower pot to attract these sweet pollinators.  Create a collection of color to match your flowers or make a bold statement in the garden.

Each Bee Cup is made from hand-colored porcelain with color variations intentionally added to each batch. They are heated to over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit in a kiln. Because of this production process, they are 100% light safe and will never fade. They will not leach chemicals into the soil or water and contain ZERO plastics.

Bee Cups with Bee Vision glaze attract more pollinators to your garden because they mimic the colors and patterns flowers use to attract bees and butterflies.

Each Bee Vision Bee Cup has a ceramic-based glaze in the center that is UV reactive. The glazes look clear to us, but bees are very attracted to them. Humans need the help of a black light to see the glaze glow pink.

Note: Bee Cups are made in small batches. Variations in color, shape and texture are normal and a result the individual care given to each bee cup.