What We Offer

We are a beautiful, French style boutique gift shop with everything from bath and body products to jewelry, purses, candles, herbs, essential oils, and home & garden items. We also carry professional skin-care lines, natural perfumes & make-up, cocktail & bar items, teas, books, chocolates, honey, herbal tinctures, handmade soap, and stationary items.

Clean Ingredients

With a focus on nature and health and wellness, we pride ourselves on clean ingredient products – free of harmful ingredients and many organic and Non-GMO items. Our customers trust us and know they do not need to worry about what is in the products they purchase from our store. From bath and body ingredients, right down to the wax and wicks in our candles.  We make sure our products will benefit both our customers and the environment.

Farm To Shelf

Due to our love of plants & nature you will find many items that are “Farm to Shelf” which means many of our vendors grow & process the plants and make their handmade products from those plants.  This allows us to have unique items that are both beautiful and earth friendly.  Many of our vendors are eco conscious- providing products with reusable or recyclable packaging.  We feel good knowing we
are working with people who support and love the planet as much as we do. The majority of our vendors are Women-owned companies and we feel great about supporting other wonderful, female business owners.

Giving Back

We also focus on carrying lines from vendors with “give-back” programs supporting everything from orphans, meals for single Mom’s, teaching skills to indigenous people and protecting young girls.  Supporting and purchasing from different vendors all with different give-back programs, we feel our reach is more wide-spread than any single program we alone could do. Just by purchasing our customers can also be a part of this giving back.

Community & Education

Lastly, we enjoy being a part of our community where people can come together, visit, and learn together. We love to help people participate in their own health and wellness and encourage education.  This is why we carry items such as organic herbs, essential oils, herbal tinctures, and books.  Plus, we conduct classes, workshops, and free educational events throughout the year.  This includes fun parties to help bring our community together. Healthy people and a healthy planet is our goal. Earth Sweet Botanicals – for
your heart, your health and your home!

Behind the Brand

Crystal Baldwin is the owner and creator of Earth Sweet Boutique. She is an internationally trained and certified aromatherapist, massage therapist, state-certified esthetician, herbalist, natural product formulator, artisan distiller, natural perfumer & teacher and a lover of nature and all plants.

She has studied with amazing teachers all around the world and brings her expertise together to offer a place for the community to come together to learn, to heal, to explore, and to share information.  She has wrapped this all up in a French style boutique as she has always admired the beauty of French boutiques during her time studying and traveling abroad.  

Her goal is to empower each person with the ability to be in control of their own health and happiness and to provide the tools to help you achieve your goals. If she can also bring some beauty into your life along the way….well, that’s a perfect day.

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