Crystal Baldwin is the owner and creator of Earth Sweet Botanicals. She is an internationally trained and certified aromatherapist, licensed massage therapist, state-certified esthetician, herbalist, natural product formulator, artisan distiller, natural perfumer & teacher.

She has studied with amazing teachers all around the world and brings her expertise together to offer a place for the community to come together to learn, to heal, to explore, and to share information.  

Her goal is to empower each person with the ability to be in control of their own health and happiness and to provide the tools to help you achieve your goals. If she can also bring some beauty into your life along the way….well, that’s a perfect day. 

Why us?

If it’s not beautiful why do it?  At Earth Sweet Boutique we love the incredible beauty that nature provides and we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

We prefer simple pleasures that allow you to stop and (literally) smell the roses and enjoy life.

We have a fabulous community of amazing people who come together to laugh & learn, become healthier, enjoy beauty and celebrate one another…we would love for you to be a part of this amazing community here in Golden and share all  of the special talents that only you have to offer!

Ginger Infused honey or Ginger Syrup, Fresh Ginger easy to make
How to make Fresh Ginger Syrup

Fresh ginger infused honey, ginger syrup, great for your tummy, immunity, colds & flu, inflammation and pain, nasal congestion and more.  Tastes great in Asian cooking, warm teas and refreshing lemon drinks.

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Chocolate Hearts & Roses Recipe
Vegan Chocolate Hearts & Roses Recipe

Vegan Chocolate hearts with roses & herbs for increased libido and sexual function.  Great to make for yourself or your loved one.  You can customize the chocolate to your preferences. You can reduce the sugar, eliminate fillers and allergens and make your very own chocolate- it's easy!

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A Winter Blend - Balsam Fir, Siberian Fir & Orange Essential Oils
A Winter Blend - Balsam Fir, Siberian Fir & Orange Essential Oils

These are a few of my favorite things...A winter, holiday essential oil blend with balsam fir, Siberian fir and orange essential oil.  Great for cleansing the air, helping stiff, sore muscles and joints, stress and relaxation and relieving anxiety. Add it to a diffuser, make a muscle blend, drop it on pinecones or simmer it on the stove.   Super easy to use

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