Lavender Body Products, Massage Oil, Lotion, Spray Mist, bubble bath, Linen Water



The massage oil is full of silky goodness with a rich blend of pure lavender essential oil, grapeseed oil, deep moisturizing jojoba oil and sunflower oil help to regenerate skin cells. 4oz

The aromatic body lotion, with lavender essential oil and antioxidants, smooth & soothes dry skin. Mango seed butter and vitamin e moisturize and helps your skin to appear more youthful. Highly absorbent, you will not feel sticky or greasy. Lavender soothes burns and bug bites as well as helps to heal skin.  8oz

The soothing fragrant spray mist utilizes the highest grade of 100%, pure, lavender essential oil. Great for repelling bugs and mosquitos. Use as a softening body mist or an aromatic room spray. Keep in the bathroom and spritz on towels to refresh or spray mattress and pillows. Also helps keep moths away from clothes. 4oz

Richly foaming and naturally fragrant, our Lavender Bubble Bath is blended with therapeutic essential oils and coconut cleansing formula for a soothing relaxation treat! 12oz

This natural, Linen Water is made from the finest, 100% pure lavender essential oil infused in natural, spring water. The convenient 16oz spray bottle is ideal for spritzing your pillows, linen or laundry with the calming, fresh scent of lavender. Add a little to a steam iron or the rinse cycle in your washer. 16oz

Toss a scoop or two of this lavender infused solar sea salts into a warm bath or foot soak! These bath salts will help to draw toxins from your body and relax joints and muscles. Includes wooden spoon. A cute addition to any bathroom! 8oz

These products:

  • Soften and soothe the skin
  • Act as a bug repellent
  • Help to heal the skin & reduce itching
  • Soothes burns & bug bites