7 Essential Oils for Winter Health

by Crystal Baldwin, November 1, 2022

One of the easiest things you can do this winter to boost your immune system, cleanse the air and detox your environment is to simply diffuse essential oils!

Some people are not sure how to use essential oils and avoid using them.  One of the simplest ways to use essential oils is by diffusing them.  Believe it or not inhalation of essential oils is one of the most powerful ways to impact our bodies.

When you inhale an essential oil it has an immediate interface with your brain (this happens so fast that things are already happening before you even recognize the scent).  The brain sends out signals through the hormone system telling the body to have different reactions - calm down, relax, wake up, increase white blood cell production and more. 

As you breathe in essential oils you get minute amounts of the chemical components in your bloodstream and they go to the organ systems that need them. This all happens just by breathing in those wonderful scents! 

Many essential oils can help keep your immune system strong.  Important ones would be oils that allow you to get proper rest, kill unwanted bacteria and viruses in the air, keep your lungs healthy and keep your anxiety down!  All of these things work together to keep your immune system strong.

If you aren't sleeping properly your immune system becomes weakened, if you have a lot of stress and anxiety your immune system can't defend you as well and of course we want to keep our environment as clean and free from microbes as possible, especially when cold and flu season is here.

Here are some great choices to do just that!

Lemon essential oil- from killing microbes in the air and on surfaces to boosting your immune system this oil does it all!  If you want an oil that covers everything for your winter health, this is one to have in your cabinet!  Not only does lemon oil kill all unwanted bugs but it also boosts our immunity by sending signals to the brain calling for it to produce more white blood cells.  Lemon is also a “sunshine” oil, helping to alleviate depression, anxiety, and the winter blues.  It is both relaxing and uplifting on the body and mind- sunshine in a bottle.

Lavender essential oil- A wonderful sleep aid, lavender is calming & soothing to the nervous system and also reduces anxiety & depression.  For sleep use only 1-2 drops max as too much lavender oil will actually stimulate the brain. Lavender also relieves pain (reducing stress in the body) which is also important for a healthy immune system.  It also does a great job of killing unwanted microbes.

Peppermint essential oil- stimulating for some people and relaxing for others, peppermint is a wonderful, invigorating oil to help relieve stress thus improving immunity. Anti-bacterial and cleansing, this oil works wonderfully to cleanse and detox your environment while opening the respiratory system. Also great for reducing allergies- try mixing it with lemon and/or pine oils.

Eucalyptus essential oil-this oil is not only invigorating to the body and refreshing to the mind, but it works wonders for the respiratory system. Great for coughs, colds, and sinus congestion this oil works well to break up mucous and fight bacteria. Diffusing this oil also stimulates your body’s immune response, so another great choice to keep from getting sick.  It is wonderful for allergies, headaches, and pain and it is uplifting & refreshing to the mind and body.

Frankincense essential oil- often used for grounding, calming, to reduce stress and anxiety but did you know that frankincense is a fantastic respiratory oil?  When all else fails with a respiratory infection, try frankincense, it is amazing for clearing out congestion and restoring deep breathing - a treasure for winter health and lung support and another great pain-relieving oil (wonderful for headaches too).  Maybe that’s why the 3 Wiseman presented this precious gift to the baby king!

Sweet Orange essential oil- this oil is calming to the central nervous system without being a sedative, so it is perfect to diffuse when you want to stay alert and relaxed.  It kills air-borne microbes and helps cleanse the air and the surfaces in your home.  Yet another “happy oil” sweet orange helps with stress & anxiety. It has an affinity with the digestive tract -which is where stress is often stored.

Conifer essential oils – Not only do they smell like the holidays as well as our favorite Colorado woods, but these essential oils are fantastic for respiratory health.  Use as a tonic for the lungs or to help thin mucous production.  They purify the home by killing pathogens in the air and on surfaces. They also work well for pain relief for tired, sore muscles! Mentally energizing these oils can help with focus.  Try balsam fir for the classic Christmas tree scent, or white fir, black spruce and white pine…although different scents all help in a similar way.



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