7 Fantastic Herbal Tinctures for Winter Wellness, Cold & Flu

By Crystal Baldwin, November 3, 2022

Herbal tinctures are one of my favorite, super easy ways of keeping healthy or treating colds & flu during the winter months.

With a on-the-go lifestyle and busy winter months I love using these tinctures for a quick tonic boost or immediate relief when I am feeling under the weather. 

So, what exactly is a herbal tincture?  They are not essential oils and they are not a pharmaceutical drug.  They are preserved herbal nutrients that help by supporting the body so it is able to function at its best and do its job during cold & flu season and they bring symptom relief without side-effects when needed.

Herbal tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts made by soaking plant materials in alcohol. The alcohol pulls out the active ingredients from plants, leaving behind a concentrated extract that can be a powerful, yet gentle herbal medicine.  These formulas can be used more often than a pharmaceutical (every 5 minutes up to 4 times an hour) and thus can have a positive effect in supporting the body.

We carry Wish Garden tinctures which, is a local company with powerful, amazing formulas.  One of the things I love about Wish Garden is that they purposely combine herbs in their formulas that will have the most focused result without the side-affects that some herbs can have.  For instance, they do not use valerian root in their sleep blend as it can make some people groggy in the morning. 

They know their herbs inside out and they are very intentional about the herbs they choose when creating formulas.  I wanted to share some of my favorite Wish Garden Formulas for winter health with a quick guide to help you choose the formula that is the best choice for you.

Here is a guide for which formula to use and some of our favorites for winter health and cold & flu season:

Serious Elderberry- this is a great, single herb tincture for daily support to keep your immune system at its best.  No added sugars but a delicious, fruit flavor make it easy to take as a daily support or when you feel run down, just getting over something or need the nutritive & immune benefits of black elderberry.

Kick-Ass Immune- School teachers best friend! Reach for this formula when you have that tickle in the back of your throat or you have been exposed to someone that is now sick, use this blend to …Kick start and activate your immune system into response. Also good to use as a tonic to keep your immune system tuned up.

Get Over It- If you’ve been stuck in the trenches for a few days and it’s clear the bugs have a hold on you and Kick-Ass Immune isn't getting the job done - then switch to Get Over It to support your bodies response to stubborn conditions.  This formula is part immune support, part lung support, part lymphatic system promotor and part biotic to help you get the bugs out!

Kick-Ass Sinus- This unique formula supports healthy upper respiratory tract function by supporting healthy mucous secretions and immunity.  It improves sinus function while cleansing sinus tissues and soothing minor irritations. while herbal lymphatics help kick invaders out.

Deep Lung & Bronchial Support- breathe easy and breathe deep, this is a favorite of fire fighters, smokers and anyone who wants support for stronger & healthier lungs.  It is a tonic for the lungs, and it promotes natural blood oxygenation.  We find that Just a few pumps help, and you can feel things opening up right away.

Serious Cough - soothing & quieting this formula is designed for wet or dry coughs, ones that are intermittent or coughs as rhythmic as a timepiece.  It soothes tired throats, calms coughs, provides expectorant support and supports lung health in one powerful tonic!  Fast-acting, calming, and soothing for up to four hours.  Use this to stop that cough now!

High Country Allergy & Sinus formula- of course allergies create more irritation during cold & flu season so this tincture can help keep them in check, so they are not adding to the issues during the winter months.  Non-stimulating, non-sedating, powerful herbs with seasonal support and extra sinus support as well. Also great as you can take it as many times as needed when symptoms kick in (combine this with ESB's essential oil allergy blend for powerful relief).

Wish Garden tinctures are sold in 2 -ounce pump bottles that make taking the extracts very easy. They also make 4 ounce bottles that you can refill your pump bottle with. The pump bottle makes taking it on the go so easy!

You can either pump it directly into your mouth or into water or juice.  This is an easy, on-the-go type of treatment and the formulas last for years. 

We love them here at ESB because they do work so well, yet do not have the severe side-affects that come with many pharmaceuticals or over-the counter medicines. Feel free to mix and use several formulas at the same time.  Plus, check out our sleep & stress tinctures also!

Blending them into kombucha super charges the tinctures and seems to make them more bio-available.  Try making fun mocktails or a cocktail with a boost.  Fruit juice, seltzer or water are also good choices for flavor blending.


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