A Winter Blend - Balsam Fir, Siberian Fir & Orange Essential Oils

By Crystal Baldwin

These are a few of my favorite things... Fir trees and orange slices!  For me, nothing is more uplifting and refreshing than the smell of pine trees on a winter walk through the woods.  You can smell the sap releasing that beautiful scent from the essential oils as the sun hits the resin dripping down the sides of the trees.   I love bringing that feeling indoors with me.

Essential oils from pine trees are so good for us in so many ways.  They are wonderfully protective as they are anti-microbial – great for cleansing the air and respiratory pathways.  When you breathe deeply you will feel your respiratory tract open up and your lungs expanding!

Pine oils are also good for sore muscles and good joint movement and have been used by many cultures for the relief of pain, especially stiff rheumatic types of constriction.   They loosen things up and get them moving in no time.  Just blend a 6-12 drops in 1 ounce of lotion or oil and apply as needed.

Balsam fir is my favorite "Christmas Tree" scent as it is both sweet, citrusy and woodsy smelling.  I just open the bottle and inhale and I feel refreshed and happy! 

Siberian fir essential oil contains more esters than most pine oils which, makes it more gentle on the skin and a great choice when blending into a body lotion or oil (other pine oils can be irritating to the skin for some people, always do a spot test).  Apply it after a hot shower and feel those muscles and joints relax! 

Orange essential oil is one of the "Sunshine" oils as it is uplifting for the mind.  It also helps to calm the central nervous system (CNS) without being a sedative, this makes it the perfect oil for keeping you calm and relaxed but still alert when you are trying to get projects done or studying.  

Both pine and orange essential oils are great for relieving stress and anxiety and they bring both a relaxing and a uplifting feeling at the same time. 

Winter Blend Recipe

10 drops Balsam Fir Essential Oil*

5 Drops Siberian Fir Essential Oil*

8 Drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil*

Way's to use this blend

There are several easy ways to use this blend.  If you have an essential oil diffuser, simply drop the oils in your diffuser with the water and turn it on! 

Don't have a diffuser?  No problem! You can place a pan with water on the stove and add your essential oils.  Turn it on very low, barely a simmer and let it release the soft scents.  You can also add orange slices or cranberries to this blend.  Be careful and don't let the pan run out of water as it will burn and be difficult to clean.  

Another of my favorite way's to use this blend during the winter and holiday's is with "passive diffusion".  The most easy way possible to use essential oils.  You simply add them to some dried pinecones or flowers. 

Place your pinecones in a bowl (one you don't mind getting essential oils on) and then drop the oil blend onto the pinecones. I like to mix the blend of essential oils in a small dropper bottle and then add those to my pinecones.  

You can decorate your bowl with fresh pine branches, dried slices of oranges, berries or lights and ribbons.  They freshen any room and look beautiful! 

*Note- feel free to change the amount of each oil you use in the blend to your preferences.  Some people like more orange oil, others more balsam fir.  The recipe is a guideline but you are welcome to play with the recipe.


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August 28, 2023

Stepping into Earth Sweet Boutique is an adventure of the senses! It always smells wonderful from the essential oil blends that are diffusing in the store. The lotions and potions make perfect gifts along with the teas, tincutures and crystal water infusers. There’s so much in this store to choose from – candles, pure makeup, dried herbs, and of course DIY supplies for soap making, lip balm etc. And don’t forget the classes, which are always educational and fun.


August 21, 2023

This article is a great example of how knowledge about natural elements can be shared in a way that enriches the readers’ understanding and encourages them to embrace the benefits of these exquisite essential oils. Thank you for sharing.

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