Cardamom Essential Oil - Perfect Warming Fall Oil

By Crystal Baldwin


This amazing aromatic essential oil is a great multi-tasker and perfect for fall and winter health.  With cooler days and chilly nights starting to shift, our minds turn to ingredients that are warming, calming and soothing as we start to slow down from the summer rush of activities - enter Cardamom essential oil, it helps us transition from summer to fall and it helps protect us and uplift us as we shift into this beautiful, slower season.

As the seasons change, so does our body, getting ready for a slower, sluggish immune system and more attacks from winter bugs! One fantastic essential oil to use during the fall and winter months is cardamom.  Not only is this oil warming as the cold season starts but it can help on so many levels.
Internally, I love using cardamom in herbal chai blends to boost my immune system, in spicy Indian dishes to open and move things through my body and yummy desserts for that lovely, spicy flavor.  All of these internal dishes are a great way to get cardamom working through nutrition.   However, there are other ways to use cardamom and essential oil works great during the fall and winter months to continue to support your body and protect you.  Here are a couple of easy ways to use this immune supporting essential oil in your home or on the go.

In A Diffuser 

  • Warm aromatic scent
  • Opening lungs
  • Reducing Stress
  • Uplifting for depression and fatigue
  • Calming to digestive tract
  • Improving Focus and Concentration
For these purposes it is so easy to use cardamom oil by just adding 6-10 drops to your diffuser with water and turning it on.  Breathing in the aromatic molecules will allow your body to send messages to the organ systems that need them.  It cleans the air, uplifts your mood while reducing stress.  Inhalation can also work internally, improving digestion and opening the lungs.

In A Pocket Nasal Inhaler

Another great way to use this lovely essential oil is by making a quick and easy pocket, nasal inhaler.  This allows you to take your essential oils on-the-go and not scent your environment.  Remember the old fashioned "Vicks Nasal Inhaler"?  This is the same concept except our nasal inhalers have blank filters and you can add whatever essential oil you want to it!

So easy to make and use.  Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the white filter, slide it into the inhaler and snap the end shut.  Slide the cover over the end and slip it in your pocket.  Use it throughout the day as often as you would like.

To use it, place the end into your nose, hold the other side closed and breathe in, repeat on the other side.  You can do this all day long to send calming, soothing message to your brain and to kill any microbes lurking around in your sinus cavities.  No one else smells the essential oil but you - great for scent- free environments and no oils or lotions to apply ( I love making these for travel to use on airplanes).

Watch our video on how to make a nasal inhaler here


Oil Blend For The Body

Using cardamom in a belly oil or a bath and body oil is a wonderful way to treat the whole body, soothe and relax and help with everything from muscle spasms, upset tummy and nausea.
Add about 10-20 drops of cardamom in one ounce of your favorite carrier oil - jojoba, sunflower, olive or coconut oil or into a daily lotion.  Apply to your body for the desired results. 
We find a nervous or upset tummy with bloating, gas or cramping can be calmed down very quickly.  This is also great for after sports muscle treatments or any type of muscle spasm.  Of course headache tension is another great way to use it (blend it with peppermint).
  • Calms Nausea  & nervous tummy
  • Improves & Supports Digestion
  • Relaxes Muscle Spasms
  • Helps Poor Circulation
  • Reduces Muscle Tension
  • Relaxing for Headaches 
For these purposes, simply add a few drops (10-20 drops) of Cardamom essential oil in one ounce of carrier oil such as, Jojoba, Sunflower, Meadowfoam or Coconut oil and apply either to your tummy, tight muscles and back of neck for headaches.
Cardamom is such a sweet, spicy, soothing, warm and calming essential oil- great for fall transition and lovey mixed with holiday, spicy oils as well.  It can help ease a lot of discomfort during a time of seasonal transition, provide a immune boost and it smells wonderful!  Try it out and see if its for you!

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